Art of Marketing - Condensed

 Today, i want to give you a simple yet condensed introduction to the Art of Marketing.

There are some people who thinks Marketing is publicity and advertisement, others thinks Marketing and Sales are the same thing, and there are ones who thinks it a simple step.

A lot of errors and wronged concepts that people make, makes them waste their money under the name of Marketing without any value. But in reality Marketing needs planning, time (a lot of it), intelligence, and practice.

Everyone think that Marketing is simple as a breeze.

Now you'll ask:

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an Art to combine many processus (not one) that works, firstly on discovering or pint-pointing the needs of people, secondly developping a product or services that satisfy those needs, and finaly making profit through it.

In another way, you can say Marketing is a mix of activities that either discover or create needs for people, and making or developping products/services to satisfy those needs while making profit with it.

Let me explain to you;

Let's take toothpaste for example, colgate company or Sensodyne have been created to satisfy the need of healthy and white teeth (after being identified) for customers.

Another example is "Uber" or Taxis. It's a service created mainly to make people have the need of going from point A to point B without walking.

Now, did the picture became a little bit clearer?

Marketing as a domaine, is always developping, getting bigger, and moving forward, where we find that every time there's a new type added to it. Just like in the 70s there was nothing as Digital Marketing, but now it is the most overwhelming  type in the world.

You can find a lot of types of Marketing, because each domaine has his own way of Marketing. For example, if you were an owner of an App Company, like Snapchat, you'll find Mobile Marketing is the most suited and efficient for you, while this type doesn't work for a real estate agent.

Got the idea?

Now, what's the most used type you ask?

The most used and famous type is "Marketing Mix", which also known as "the 4Ps of Marketing".

Of course you'll wonder, why does it called Mix?

Well, that's because it "Mixed" 4 things:

a- Product: what the market offer.

b- Price: the prices of said product.

c- Place: where the client will find this product.

d- Promotion: adverting, publicity...etc. Anything that has a link to promote the product.

here's an article, for you, explaining marketing Mix in depth:

Marketing Mix - The 4Ps

Finaly, i hope you were able to understand a little bit about Marketing from this condensed introduction.

If you want the complete introduction to Marketing here's the article:

What is Marketing?

Now i leave it to you.

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